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Your Brain and Its Potential


http://www.wowcontentclub.com/education.htmlHave you ever wondered about the untapped potential of your brain?  On average, man only uses about 3% of the power potential of this miraculous, three-pound (approximate weight) organ. This percentage represents the messages that our conscious mind receives and understands. The other 98% of our brainpower is tucked away in our subconscious mind. Each one of us has the potential to tap into this hidden power, and use it to enrich our lives and our livelihood.




At one time, people pretty much took their brains for granted. They were what they were, a receptacle for our thoughts and ideas, a storage house for our memories, a problem solving gizmo we were born with. Folks acknowledged that some people seemed to have been blessed with more intelligence than others in the world were graced with. Most felt that it was quite natural to lose a portion of their brain power as the years went by.  Often, this gradual decline would go even further in a percentage of people, leaving them with mental deterioration.


However, in today's world, people have started to live much longer than their ancestors did. They are searching for methods that will allow them to enjoy their longevity with a sharp mind and a keen sense of adventure. It seems that it is very possible for someone to enjoy his or her 'Golden Years' without a worsening memory and the confusion that many seniors suffer from. All it takes is a little effort to preserve the brain power you already have, and enhance it as well. Most people who have tried the methods we will discuss think it is time well spent. They are thrilled to experience the many changes in their lives that effortlessly appear when they take steps to improve their brain power.


The scientific community has discovered that our brains are quite a bit more easily influenced than what was once considered as common knowledge in that group. This site is designed to help you to take advantage of this finding, and make the most of your brain's hidden potential. You do not have to posses super intelligence or keep your nose stuck in a book all the time to improve your working memory, or even your IQ. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Read on, and you will be both fascinated and motivated to harness some of this brain power for yourself!





http://www.wowcontentclub.com/education.htmlAnyone who is familiar with the life and work of Albert Einstein could tell you that this esteemed physicist had a deep thinking technique that absolutely worked well for him. Einstein dubbed this technique 'thought experiments', and though it was not his own method, it worked extremely well for him.


Thought experiments were easy to accomplish and to understand, and they can work for you as well as they did for Einstein. Basically, you sit comfortably with a relaxed mind and start to visualize yourself in a certain scene. Most people choose a subject for their scene that ties in with whatever task they may be trying to accomplish on that particular day.


Once you have reached this point in the deep thinking technique, you will allow the creative power that naturally dwells deep within your unconscious mind to take over. You are creating what some would call a movie of the mind, and you will be watching what your unconscious produces.


In fact, you will be so deep within your subconscious mind that it is likely you will fall into a deep sleep. Einstein managed this interruption by clasping a rock in each hand, so that when he fell asleep, they would fall on the floor. The resulting noise would be enough to wake him from his slumber, and he would immediately be able to go back to his thought experiment.


A deep thinker is in the habit of asking questions of himself and of others that are quite deep and profound. Unlike shallow questioning, these queries can be a question within a question. You will find that you are asking 'Why?' a lot. Each time you ask, the question will lead you further into the subject, and often will branch out into a new one. This is the nucleus of deep thinking.


Take the time to think about the words you use, both in conversation with others and in the running discourse with yourself that you carry on in your mind. Try not to take the definitions of these words too literally, for if you do, you will limit your thinking. Ask yourself why certain words have the meaning that they do.


On the next page we will talk about Improving The Way You Think.




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